How it works

Objective advice with no foreign considerations. The recommendations given will be based on understanding your needs. That will be the leading line in the whole process, with objective and client-focused professional consultancy.


Relevant knowledge based on many years in the car industry, or connected to the product about to be purchased.


EvenBetter experts are always up to date concerning technological developments, launches, business opportunities and changes in the car industry and other branches existing in the exclusive consumption world.


Foundation of consumer power with importers who understand the potential of reaching new customers.


Time saving. Such tuning-in enables you, the client, to focus on a limited number of cars or other products, which brings "Shopping time" to the possible minimum. To be accompanied in the buying process, including the coordination of test drives and so on, also saves precious time.


Getting the best deal. Thorough knowledge of the car industry creates an effective process of negotiation which will bring, eventually, to the best possible deal that can be made.


"Bridging" between the client and the seller, who do not always find a common language to communicate.