The Idea

The purchase of a premium product, such as a car, can begin while entering the showroom of the importer, as a response to some campaign, and may end with an impulsive purchase, which does not necessarily correspond to your needs as a client.


What do you lack in order to make the right purchase? Time, and the specific knowledge connected to the substantial world of the product you are buying.


EvenBetter is designated to serve this need of yours in various aspects: The one is saving time, saving money. The other is tuning in so as to give advice for purchasing the product according to your needs and your budget.


EvenBetter is dedicated to serving you, the client, in all aspects concerning the exclusive lifestyle, and is currently developing areas corresponding to the car industry.


In today's world of consumption, the range is huge, the improvements and the technological changes have a dizzying pace, and everything looks to be more shining, inviting and beautiful than in the past.


The marketing and advertising campaigns entice you as a consumer, but mainly you become confused: Will you make the right decision, at the right time, in the right figures? Not sure. Most chances you will not.

The consumption world is not transparent. It is motivated by your interests as a buyer, but also by the seller's interests.


Sometimes there is a joint interest, but sometimes it only seems so.


The seller will forever be occupied with the question: What is the highest sum the buyer will agree to pay, and the buyer will be occupied with the same question, only reversed: What is the lowest offer that will still be enough, so that the seller will close the deal.